More on How to Begin

Mt. Vernon Method

This is the backbone of the Messies Anonymous program.

This method is the backbone of the Messies Anonymous program. Get three Banker's Box®, about 12 X 18 inches. Label each box, GIVE AWAY, THROW AWAY, STORE SOMEPLACE ELSE. Starting at the front door, go around the inside periphery of the room from drawer, to cupboard, to nook or cranny emptying the contents of things that don't belong in that area into one of these boxes. Organize neatly what does belong in that area and move on to the next area.

This is the main idea of How to Begin, Step 3.

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Mt. Vesuvius Method

This is an emergency method to use if your house is a shambles, your marriage is in trouble because of it, you fear the health department or your landlord, your adult children are distraught about your place, or you face some similar emergency. It avoids the hang-up of decision making and clears the clutter quickly.

This is an option to the main idea of How to Begin to Step 3.

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Mt. Rushmore Method

This is so named because you RUSH through the job of organizing and it requires MORE people to do it. Gather a team. Divide up the house into rooms or areas to which members of the team are assigned. Provide white boxes which will be labeled as in the other methods. Give the members clear, perhaps written, instructions of how to sort and let them at it. Supervise as they work. Take any items to the rooms in which they will be stored.

You now have the basis for organizing by clearing out and storing the items that are in the boxes which are now placed in the rooms in which they belong.

When all of the surfaces of the house are cleared, have a celebration which may be a trip to a fast food place, a party, or what-not.

Do Your Closet Right

How marvelous to know that behind that closet door is NOT a junk pile, but a well organized attractive array of clothes, shoes, and handbags. How marvelous to know that...

A Simple Six Week Program

Change is not easy. Sometimes we need to sneak up on it so we won’t scare it away. Use this plan to move forward in your organizational life. For maximum effect, get your whole family involved!

Helpful Hints

Divided To-Do List, work with a time limit, storing sheets.