Our History And Mission

Messies Anonymous is dedicated to bringing harmony in the home through understanding and aiding the Messie mindset.

A special welcome to the new viewers of this online Messies Anonymous web page. Let me introduce myself a bit more. I struggled with housekeeping unsuccessfully for all the years of my married life. I had big houses, little houses, no children, children, maids, no maids, etc.

But under all circumstances, I was a Messie. This was not only frustrating, but surprising since I was quite capable in other areas of my life. Then came the rationalization, "I could do it if I wanted to, but I have other interests of a more exciting nature. I am the creative type." But I noticed that my other creative, active friends also managed to be neat and maintain a home where they could be happy to have people drop in unexpectedly.

I searched for classes on housekeeping and find there were none in my area. I called the home extension agent for home economics in my county. I read books. Finally I found the answer to my need and that is what I share with others. I do this primarily by my books: Winning the Clutter War (originally published as The Messies Manual in 1981), Organizing for Life, 5 Days to a Clutter Free House, Organizing Your Day, and many other books and helpful tools.

I also make my ideas known using a free service that delivers daily encouragement and coaching to your email inbox. Click here to open a new page to see a blog called THE ORGANIZER LADY®

Finally I have redesigned my Flipper System so that the hard work of setting up the job cards has been done for you! The new design is called Keep It Super Simple Flipper System for Home Organization and Maintenance. I designed this KISS Flipper as an aid to maintaining the house painlessly while continuing to reduce clutter and further your organizing success. Great job ideas and fun to use!

The Focus Of Messies Anonymous

Our goal is a lofty one: a sanely organized and beautiful home (and office) consistently maintained without too much work. WhooHoo! What a concept! What a relief for those of us who have struggled without success!

We do it in two basic ways.

First we maintain our focus on that goal by sticking close to principles that work for us who find organizing difficult. We don’t get sidetracked from the few blockbuster ideas that make a huge difference when put into practice.

Second we tap into motivation to actually do those blockbuster steps. We move through confusion, depression, and bad habits until we slowly begin to follow a new way of life. For many of us this is the tough part. But it can be done and has been done by many successfully!

The simple steps and the motivation to do them are found in books by Sandra Felton and the daily blog post from THE ORGANIZER LADY®. They are further reinforced by the amazing insights and steady examples by recovering members posted on the groups pages.

Follow the straightforward plan as it applies to you. Do it a little at a time consistently and you will be surprised at the trail of order and beauty you will leave behind you.

The Twelve Steps
Messies Anonymous has received permission to use the adapted twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and utilizes them in both local support groups and the online Twelve Steps Group.

Read a copy of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions as adapted by M.A.
M.A. 12 Steps

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