How Can Messies Anonymous Help You?

Printed Material, audios and special organizing tools, just for us!

 Self-Help Groups
A diverse listing of vibrant M.A. group options can be found at Online Self Help Groups. These online self-help groups use the Yahoo! Groups to gather individuals with similar situations into one group. Check out the list!

Local Self-Help Groups
You may wish to meet with an autonomous local M.A. Group to set goals, discuss problems, and celebrate victories using the 12-step program.  Use the Existing Group page.

So there it is! Now it’s up to you to decide. Messies, being perfectionists of a sort, like to wait before deciding what to do. In the meantime, you might misplace this web address, so add it to your favorites now!

What books should I buy to start?
Winning the Clutter War (the original Messies Manual) and Organizing for Life are the best place to start for the Messie who is just beginning the recovery from a lifestyle of clutter. Start with these.

Can you explain the logo?
The Messies Anonymous logo is the Nest Builder. We suffer from being disorganized, distractible and very busy people who want to be organized, focused and purposeful. Whether we live with others or alone, our desire is to build a loving home of dignity, graciousness and order. To that end Messies Anonymous exists.

Where can I get more information?
 contact us at info@messies.com