Local M.A. Groups

M.A. Sponsors 12-step support groups made up of people who suffer from a disorganized lifestyle and want to change. Changing our organizational behavior is hard, so it helps to have support, understanding and encouragement from others. In an M.A. Support group, you will hear of situations much like your own. You will feel less alone knowing there are others who share your struggles and who are succeeding in overcoming the clutter and disorder in their lives. The twelve steps are a very powerful tool for change.

All M.A. groups operate autonomously and it is up to each independent group to post the information regarding their group so that others in their area may find them.

Click On This Link To Find An Existing Group In Your Area 

M.A. has a group start-up package with information on everything you need to get started. Please look in the "files" section of the group above for free printable instructions. Sandra has also created audio help with more instructions and talks for the first meetings. Please send an email to info@messies.com if you are starting a group and would like the free information.