Online Groups To Help You Stay Connected And On-Track

There are several online forums to choose from, so look the list over and decide on a group that meets your current situation. Then, click on the words "Join this Group."

Some groups are strictly moderated to keep out the spammers, so you may have to wait a bit to be approved.

There is no cost to join these groups.  Here, you will you will find many helpful folks online just like you!

A word about how to participate in the groups:

- You may want to just read the posts and be encouraged by the responses the group members give each other.

- You may want to post a specific question or share a goal, which is a great way to stay accountable!

- If you have joined a very active group, you definitely should change your email preferences to "Daily Digest" or "no email" (or else your inbox will be flooded with posts!) and then you can just visit the group to read the posts when you have a moment or need a bit of encouragement or help.