Sandra Felton, A Gifted Author

Sandra Felton, A gifted Author

Sandra Felton is the author of over 20 books!

Winning the Clutter War, Sandra's flagship book for Messies Anonymous first written in 1981. Winning the Clutter War was originally published as The Messies Manual.

Organizing Your Day, Smart Office Organizing, 5 Days to a Clutter Free House, and 10 Time Management Choices are her most recent books, co-authored with professional organizer, Marsha Sims.

Other popular titles include: Organizing for Life, Organizing Magic, Smart Organizing, When You Live With A Messie, Meditations for Messies, and Organizing by THE BOOK.

She has also written and published a booklet, I’ve Got to Get Rid of this Stuff, which addresses problems and solutions for those who tend to be a packrat. Sandra has written books on several other varied topics including attention deficit disorder, organization for writers, and the twelve step program for change.

Sandra has been featured in many national newspaper and magazines article. She has produced a daily radio feature syndicated to 300 stations nationally. She has been a frequent guest on James Dobson’s radio program, Focus on the Family. In addition, as a recognized expert on organizing, she is a frequent guest on both radio and television and is sought for magazine articles, Sandra seeks to share information, motivation, and inspiration about how a person can organize one’s house and life to fulfill their life’s purpose with more efficiency and greater personal satisfaction.