Helpful Hints

Stow As You Go
A powerful habit for change is applying the principle "When you get it out, put it back, right away". Say to yourself "Stow as I go..." as you move through your home.

- Avoid thinking to yourself:
- I'm too busy now, I'll get right back to it later
- Right there is okay for now
- I'll do it in a minute.
- I'll be using it again soon so I'll leave it out.

Clutter is the result of many little postponed actions. Before you know it, many little I'll-do-it-later piles make our houses messy and we hardly know how it happened. STOW AS YOU GO!
You may find that once you start, you'll go on for a while longer.

Using a To-Do List
Need a To-Do list that really works? Try this easy to use To-Do List by clicking on the link to the right.

Note: The Easy to use To-Do List is a PDF document
Get the free Adobe Reader Here

Work with a time limit
Do a job by time. Set the timer on your stove, or better still, put on a recording. Plan to work for only two to three songs.

Storing Sheets
When you fold your sheets, fold the sheets and the pillow cases in one bundle, with the flat sheet covering them all. Then you can grab the whole set to be put on the bed with one hand.