Do Your Closet Right

How, you may ask “did this attractive, well organized marvelous closet develop?” A simple organizational plan is the answer.

Simply divide your clothes into categories of the types of pieces. Put all blouses together, all slacks, all skirts. Well, you get the idea. Be sure to split up your suits into skirts and jackets. Don’t hang suit pieces together.

Now put a labeled separation between each section of clothes. You may wish to make it out of poster board. Write on the doughnut with a broad tipped pen the category (like SKIRTS). Click here for a helpful pattern.

Now you are ready to “organize” your closet. While you are moving those coat hangers around, why not buy some nice new plastic tubular hangers (all one color, please). And while  the clothes are off the hanger, why not get rid of all the ones you really don’t wear. Give them to the Salvation Army and get them back in circulation in the world. It’s your duty to see that the clothes are well used.

Finally, when you put the clothes, which are on the new hangers, in their categories, put them in order by their color, similar to the way an artist sets up his palette. Put white clothes first in line, In between, put them from light to dark. Now you will be able to find the white blouse at the front of the blouse line, and the black slacks at the back of the slacks line. The paisley jacket will  be in the middle of the jacket line.

If you resist this whole organization idea, join the club. I thought it would be a waste of time to set it up and too much trouble to maintain. Was I wrong! This method has really been a time saver and frustration eliminator for me. Try it, I know you’ll  like it.