Online Groups To Help You Stay Connected And On-Track

Welcome to The Organizer-Lady's Groups!

In order to participate in a group and receive daily messages from Sandra Felton, you must register at: (or click "register" above)

Once you register, you will be required to activate your account.  (Don't worry.  This is easy!) If you don't see the activation code, check in your spam folder.  Whether or not this link goes to spam is determined by your email provider.

Once you activate your registration, you will find several online forums to choose from.

Simply click the group you'd like to join and  you will see a "subscribe" button.  Once you subscribe,  you will receive all messages from the group.

At present, all groups can be joined immediately.  If you want your group to be moderated requiring approval, please contact me to upgrade your status to moderator.

There is no cost to join any of Sandra's groups. Here you will find many helpful folks online just like you!

A word about how to participate in the groups:

- You may want to just read the posts and be encouraged by the responses the group members give each other.

- You may want to post a specific question or share a goal, which is a great way to stay accountable!

- Come as often as you like to visit your groups and read the posts when you have a moment or need a bit of encouragement or help.

Welcome aboard!

(If you have any questions, please contact or call: 305-467-8564.  Thank you.)

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